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What is HLSW?

HLSW is a game server administration and server browsing tool that allows gamers to not only search for game servers and connect to them easily, but also allows administrators the ability to remotely monitor their server.

HLSW's list of supported games is constantly expanding, with more and more games having full RCON support allowing for administrator to not only remotely monitor their servers, but also to administrate them without ever having to join the game server.

In addition to being a powerful server browse and administration tool, HLSW also contains an integrated messenger facility allowing users to create a friends list and chat through the tool, or simply see where their friends are playing and join them.

In addition to this, HLSW provides status indicator's allowing users to advertise their profile where ever they wish. The banner's are configurable in different sizes and skins, and can be easily embedded into forums and web pages. The graphic shows the user's favourite games and the game server he's currently playing on. By a simple click onto the banner other users can join or add you to their buddy list.

HLSW is currently available for Windows, and is available in the following languages: German, English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish.

In addition HLSW Mobile, an Android variant of the software, is available for Android devices in both English and German.

How does HLSW work?

HLSW is one of the only tools to establish its own master server, meaning that HLSW is fully responsible for querying all of its supported games for a list of game servers and also for maintaining a list of active game servers.

The result of this is HLSW is incredibly quick to get started with as you query our servers, rather than having to refresh/filter servers yourself. In addition to this, HLSW provides the ability for administrators to register themselves with HLSW so that you can easily find who is responsible for any registered server.